Michigan Wedding Coordinator Reviews

A lot of people don’t even realize they need a coordinator for their wedding, but let me tell you- YOU DO, and the BEST BEST BEST BEST people to work with is The Best Day Details. Emily was phenomenal, knowledgeable, and professional! She’s truly amazing and made my day go PERFECTLY! Everything was so gorgeous and exactly how I envisioned it. Emily knows all things weddings and helps answer all questions along the way. She truly goes above and beyond to make her client’s day go smoothly. I am so thankful to have found her and so thankful for her dedication to my day. I HIGHLY recommend using The Best Day Details! I am CERTAIN that your big day will go amazing with this crew alongside you for the journey. - STEPHANIE 9.4.20

I am so beyond glad we hired a day-of coordinator, and would 100% recommend it to any other brides that are contemplating hiring one. Abigail took over as my coordinator about 5 months out from my wedding and she was very organized, calm and professional throughout the whole process. She ensured that we and our family didn't have to worry about set-up or tear-down at all, which was huge. As someone who is type-A personality and found the décor of our reception to be super important, I was a tad nervous leaving it in the hands of someone else, BUT I'm so glad I did because the surprise of walking into the venue and seeing it all come together was so happy! If you're someone who wants to be very hands on in the planning process of your own wedding, but also wants the actual day to be stress-free, HIRE The Best Day Details. - Claire 10/9/21

If you are on the fence about a Day of Coordinator, do it! Molly and Hannah worked together to make this day run so smoothly. I didn't ever have to worry about anything as they were there to put everything together, coordinate with other vendors and even clean up at the end of the night. My family and I were able to be present and enjoy the whole day. We couldn't have imagined doing this without them! - Melissa 10/31/20

The Best Day Details is THE company for wedding coordinators. The team is professional, friendly, easy to work with, and an overall pleasure. Monica was our day of coordinator and she was amazing! The entire day ran super smoothly and I was unaware of anything going on--as it should be lol. Monica went above and beyond and made Kroger runs for last minute items, she even handled a wee fight that broke out at the very end of the night. I will recommend her, Emily (CEO), the entire team over and over again. The Best Day Details coordinated one of my best friend's weddings 2 months before mine and to my knowledge they did a fantastic job at that wedding too. That same friend actually referred me to The Best Day Details and my husband and I could not be happier with the services they performed. 11/10 team! 
- Andrea 10/15/21

I am so glad I booked with Best Day Details!! Megan made me feel so relaxed and that all the details would be taken care of. I'm someone who has a hard time letting go, but I did *not* have to worry about a thing on my wedding day. Simply follow the itinerary she helped me put together. If something went wrong on the day of, I didn't know about it! She was always there to answer my questions and help me make decisions. It was so nice that my entire family could enjoy the day without needing to worry about decorations or timelines or vendors etc etc. I booked pretty late in the process (<4 months out), but Emily was able to find a coordinator for me. I was apprehensive at first, since I was one of Megan's first weddings. But Megan put me at ease right away, and I know Emily and her team were backing Megan up. Emily has a great team. Highly recommend!! - Jessi

We couldn’t have had a stress free day without this company! They were on-time & helped with every detail of our setup and decor. They have the best prices and even drove to multiple places to get extra desserts for us. I cant recommend them enough! If you are on the fence like i was & think you and your family& friends could help on your wedding day with setting up, don't do it & hire this company! It’s your one day & you should enjoy it stress-free. I relaxed with friends & family & champagne before our ceremony, treasured memories, and i wouldn't have had them if i didn't hire this company, thank you! - Bethany 9/12/20

Hannah did a wonderful job as our day of coordinator. She stepped in, ran our music, and was quick to assist with dinner and cleanup as well as any other tasks throughout the day. She only had about one week to prep with us and did a great job with our micro ceremony! - Shannon 11/7/20

Maggie helped with everything for our wedding day and it came together like a DREAM!! I didn't get to see the reception space during the day and left it all in Maggie's hands -- it was BETTER THAN I IMAGINED! She is such a joy to work with and has the best eye for details! - Amber

Elysia is simply the best! Truly cares about every detail of your day and helps to execute your exact vision. She is kind, compassionate and detailed. I could not have done my wedding without her! So thankful for her skill and quick adaptability when unexpected things come up! Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated, detailed, compassionate and friendly coordinator! - Gigi

I am SO HAPPY I hired Emily with the best day details. At first we didn't plan to have a coordinator, but when we had to reschedule our wedding we decide to hire Emily and it was by far the best decision we made! She was so organized, and helped me realize things I didn't think of for the wedding. She knew I had a specific vision for my day and she made my vision come to life! One of the biggest reasons I wanted a day of coordinator was so that I had help with set up/tear down and didn't have to have my mom do all of that. I wanted my mom to be able to enjoy the day with me and not have to worry about all those details. At our reception we had an unexpected down pour (my wedding was all outside with no tent) and Emily quickly came up with a game plan for all of our guests. She cleared out the underneath of a shed awning and under the porch so we could all go there and still enjoy our wedding and dance the night away! She also cleared off all of the tables and packed all of our stuff away quickly for us so it didn't get ruined by the rain. I did not have to worry about a single thing on the day of! She took care of any issue that came up! I seriously do not know what I would have done with out her. I cannot thank you enough Emily for everything that you did for us! - Mista 3/26/21

My wedding was this past weekend and I just couldn’t wait any longer to RAVE about my day of coordinators from Best Day Details!! Quincy and Abigail saved the day in more ways than one. Literally, 2 hours before the ceremony, my dress shredded across the hem and straight up the lace. These two didn’t hesitate while I took deep breaths and my husband went pale. They sat me down and got started stitching and by the time we had finished there was laughter and smiles. Truly the best money I have ever spent! Every detail was set up perfectly and didn’t even see my venue until the grand entrance because I knew I had nothing to worry about. They even packed it all up at the end of the night! Whether your wedding is next week or next year, call them and do whatever it takes to have them!! - Claire 8/6/21

Hands down the BEST decision I made for our wedding was hiring a day of coordinator from The Best Day Details! From the months leading up to the wedding and even the day of in sweltering August heat, the team did an outstanding job to make sure everything ran smoothly and perfectly. If there was something that went wrong on my wedding day I wouldn't have had a clue because the team took care of everything! I had the absolute pleasure of working with Hannah for the months leading up to my wedding and she was not only the sweetest person to work with, she was very professional, attentive to detail, and really took the chance to get to know me, my fiance, and our hopes and dreams for the day. Come day of? Hannah and her assistant absolutely killed it! Our wedding day came to life in all the ways we had envisioned it and its all thanks to the hard work that Hannah and the team at The Best Day Details put in. Seriously if you are on the fence about hiring a DOC, book them and never look back. Worth every penny!!! - Deanna 8/28/21

I don’t even know where to begin! Without Emily and Abigail so many parts of my Wedding would not have been complete or as perfect as they were! Emily was great at setting up a few meetings several months in advance and the week of the big day. She was great at reminding me of all the important details and on the day of, took charge and got everything in order so I didn’t have to worry about it! My wedding timeline was pretty untraditional and yet both ladies jumped on board and helped make everything happen! I can’t say enough about them! -Aubree 9/3/21

Emily and Megan made every detail of our special day absolutely perfect. They did not miss a beat from making my decor look even better than I had envisioned, problem solving throughout the day, having fresh drinks for us throughout the reception, crowd control, and overall just making us feel so special. I cannot imagine our day without Emily and Megan from Best Day Details and I would highly recommend that you consider hiring Best Day Details for your special day! Thanks, Emily & Megan! - Megan 11/20/21

If you are looking for a day of coordinator... look no further! Emily and her team are simply THE BEST!!! I cannot recommend them highly enough. She had multiple meetings with us leading up to wedding to make sure we had every detail covered. Before meetings we would often feel stressed and behind about wedding planning and after we would meet with Emily we always left feeling SO relieved. Emily is very detail oriented and on-top of things! She handled so many small details, coordinated and communicated with all our vendors, handled last minute changes, and even smoothly handled a day-of catering issue. More than anything our friends and family so appreciated having Emily and her team there so that on our wedding day we could all relax and enjoy and have to stress, set up, clean up, or handle everything in between. Go hire the Best Day Details!!! - Alayna 6/5/21

The day of my wedding I had Molly, Addison, and Abigail, and all of them were delightful. They decorated my venue like a dream (it was so much better than I could have even imagined, seriously, they are magical) and handled any hiccups that occurred throughout the day. If you are on the fence about booking a day of coordinator through Best Day Details, definitely do it! I promise you it's so worth it. I would recommend them to anyone. These guys rock! - Lynnette 6/21/21

The best day details did an amazing job helping out with our wedding. We held our wedding at a complete DIY venue and i was nervous about how to have the perfect day when so much needed to be done. Our coordinator, Hannah D. was amazing from start to finish. She was so organized and detail oriented during all of our meetings. It was such a relief having Hannah. I went into wedding week with zero worries that everything would go smoothly and all of the decorations and venue set up would be exactly as I envisioned. She went above and beyond and was available for any concerns, needs or last minute changes. I would 100% recommend booking the best day details- one of the best decisions of our wedding planning. They offer so much more than other coordinating companies and are willing to do basically anything extra that is needed to help make sure your day runs smoothly. We are so appreciative and grateful for everything Hannah did to make sure we had the best day!
- Kelly 6/18/21

We can't say enough wonderful things about our experience using The Best Day Details as our day of wedding coordinator. From our first meeting to post-wedding, Emily maintains a level of professionalism throughout the entire process. She is always willing to do whatever is necessary to make your day the best it can be. Emily and Josh were able to set up all our décor the morning of, as well as tear down after the event. Hiring Emily was the best decision we made, as she took control of any minor hiccup that arose, allowing us, our families, and friends to enjoy, and soak in, every moment of the day. Hands down, we would recommend hiring The Best Day Details to help execute your once-in-a-lifetime occasion! You won't regret it. Thank you, Emily! - Kristi 5/8/21

Reaching out to give a HUGE shout out and thank you to Abigail and Lindsey for their help this past weekend and in all events leading up to our big day. I know our situation was unique given the short time frame. The thoroughness that Abigail provided in reviewing our timeline and details allowed for the day-of to be so stress-free for me which I cannot thank her enough for (guests actually told me they were so impressed with how relaxed I/my now-husband were throughout the day and could tell we were having fun). Abigail was also so patient with my thousands of questions and thought-starters as we met over coffee/tea -- and from what I've heard also very patient with our bridal party (including helping to bandage up a steak knife incident at dinner (yikes!))! Thanks again, Abigail, Lindsey & Emily for everything!
- Kelsey 8/14/21

As my husband (eek!) and I reflect on our tiny Tuesday wedding, we both agree that one of the best decisions we made for our day was hiring The Best Day Details LLC for day of coordination. Emily is outstanding and, after my initial call with her, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. During our subsequent calls, she helped us iron out the details and brought perspective that made our day even better. Emily is willing to do whatever she can to make the day go smoothly and she literally was moving and working so hard the entire day of our wedding (making sure we were hydrated, handing out tips, managing our playlist, you name it!). Her hard work did not go unnoticed and our guests also were so thankful for her. If you’re on the edge about day of coordination, DO IT. We are over the moon grateful for Emily and her team and would do it 100 times over again. - KAITLYN 8.4.20

Wow! I can’t say enough about Emily and all that she did to enhance our day. Her and her assistant, Hannah, went above and beyond to make sure our day was absolutely wonderful. We hired Emily to help coordinate our Michigan wedding as we live in Philadelphia, and she did that and so much more. She was an absolute life saver! She took care of all the small details that we may have otherwise overlooked. She was so personable and inviting. Not only did we hire a great coordinator, but we also made a great friend! If you’re contemplating a DOC, seriously, look no further! My father in law cannot stop raving about her! He said she was by far our best investment. - KADDIE 12.31.19

Emily is amazing! I am so happy that I chose to have a day or coordinator and I was lucky enough to have Emily (& her hubby Josh) as my coordinator for the day! I originally debated between a full on wedding coordinator and a day of coordinator but decided I could handle most of the planning myself and just wanted assistance making sure I didn't miss something and someone to run the day itself so my wedding party and friends/family didn't have to.
I'd say hands down having Emily there was the best decision I made in planning the wedding. I was able to relinquish any day of decision and tasks to her and Josh which was such a weight off my shoulders. Things like getting more batteries, bringing us lunch, keeping the party on track for the wedding processional, setting up, tearing down, packing the car, fixing my dress, and I'm sure many other things I don't even know about were all done by the two of them.
Emily is so nice and supportive and I can't imagine how the day would have gone without her. -- ALEXIS 10.31.20

Emily coordinated our wedding on 11/2/19. We hired her late in the game, probably about 1 month before the wedding. She was fantastic to work with the whole time. She understood what I needed help with and was able to see my vision for my wedding day. She was very available leading up to the wedding day for whatever we needed. She and Joshua were very professional yet friendly and we got many compliments from our guests. I would not hesitate to hire Emily again!! - LAUREN 11.2.19

Emily made my day perfect! She went above and beyond to make everything what I asked for and more. My whole family saw her hard work and were so thankful for her. I definitely recommend. My husband said she's worth whatever she decides to charge, and I agree. She was flexible and reliable. - KATELIN 10.12.19

I can’t say enough great things about Emily and the services she provides. My wedding day was absolutely perfect and it is all because of Emily and her dedication to her work. Not only did she exceed my expectations, but my entire bridal party and family adored her! I think every bride needs Emily! She was definitely the best investment we made for our wedding!! - SAMANTHA 1.23.20

I found Emily a month before my wedding, and thank God I did. I was by no means an organized bride. Emily helped me with stuff I didn’t even know I needed help with. Skip the party favors no one takes and hire Emily!! She will make your day flawless! Emily worked so hard, and it was such a relief my family and I could enjoy the day without worrying who was lighting candles at the reception, or lining people up for the ceremony. I guarantee she is an investment you will never regret! - CHELIUS 2.1.20

Emily and Abigail did an amazing job. I’m so grateful for their services to create the Fairytale dream day for our daughter’s wedding day. Thank you!!!! - Celeste 10/1/21

Having a day of coordinator was literally the BEST decision we made during wedding planning and we cannot imagine our wedding without Hannah & The Best Day Details! She was such a calming force throughout the entire wedding planning process and made sure everything went as smoothly as possible on our wedding day! The meetings ahead of time were so helpful because there were so many things we did not even think of and the checkpoints helped us to stay organized. Hannah kept all of our vendors up to date so that everyone was on the same page the day of which was extremely helpful. She kept things on time and gave such clear direction to our bridal party without making anyone feel rushed or bossed around in any way! So many of our friends and family members commented on how well things went and we were blissfully unaware of anything that did not go “perfectly” that day because Hannah just handled everything and took away all of the stress! Hannah and her assistant executed the vision we had for our venue perfectly and seeing it come to life after all the planning we put into it was an absolute dream! If you are on the fence about a coordinator, we would definitely recommend not only getting one but specifically going with The Best Day Details!!
- Meg 8/21/21

I am so grateful for all that you did to help with my daughter’s wedding celebration! I had my first "wow" moment when I had to step away from the outdoor pre-ceremony photos to return to the bride & groom retreat room upstairs to get something--as I entered I first saw the cake and cupcakes in the Library and they were set up so beautifully as well as the room being decorated! Then I quickly turned to cut through the Main Dining Hall and I stopped in my tracks because the whole room was breathtakingly beautiful! And I don't think you were even completely finished! I melted a little inside because up to that second all of the decor had been only ideas in our heads, conversations we had, texts of things we'd bought, things in boxes, etc. But at that "wow" moment, suddenly I realized that more than two years of planning was actually in front of me--exactly as we imagined--thanks to all your hard work of setting it up. I had many more "wow" moments throughout that day as I saw more and more of your work completed. Having "wow" moments is rare for me, because our family is normally do-it-yourselfers so we see progress bits and pieces at a time as WE do all the work. I was simply impressed by how you kept your cool and remained totally calm and professional throughout the entire day. I thank you for giving my daughter her peace of mind in knowing that all the details she wanted would be carried out, and for giving her the confidence that her day would be all that she planned. Thank you for helping her with her wedding celebration that she worked so hard to create and make happen. Mother of the Bride 9/4/21

If we could give Emily and her team 100 stars We would! From start to finish everything went SO well, and they were so great to work with! Even when our ceremony had to move indoor last minute, everything still looked beautiful! Could NOT have done it without them! 10/10! - Shawna 10/23/21

I can honestly say I don't know what we would have done without Emily and Ellie! We hired Emily way back in pre-covid times for our wedding on September 25th of this year and throughout the entire wedding planning process, we were so happy we did! There was zero worry about decor being set up or about vendors and I am so grateful all of my family was able to thoroughly enjoy the day instead of worrying and working. Emily made sure my drink was full all night long and had no problem stepping in with vendors when I needed help. Thank you Emily and Ellie for going above and beyond! - Stephanie 9/25/21

We are so glad we hired The Best Days Details as our wedding coordinator! Our coordinator Hannah was awesome! She helped and guided us with the small and large details of wedding planning. The day of she helped everything go smoothly, and let us enjoy our day. - Julie 9/25/21

I am so thankful for Monica and Best Day Details!! I took on the huge task when I got engaged of planning our entire wedding myself, but I don’t know what I would’ve done without Monica as my day of coordinator. After all the stress of planning the wedding, she made it her priority to make sure I enjoyed our long awaited and special day. She was always thoughtful and attentive, answered all of my hundreds of questions patiently, and most of all genuinely cared about me and how the day went. She navigated the challenge of a non-traditional venue (backyard wedding!) with ease and I never felt anything but taken care of. She event sent a personal gift and note after our wedding!! We are so thankful for her and the care she took to make our day perfect and so much fun. 12/10 would recommend again and again!
Taylor 9/25/21

Emily is amazing. We got married out of state so having someone that could coordinate all the details, run walk through and set up the day of our wedding was key. I literally was not stressed at all on our big day because Emily had it all under control. She was so helpful during the planning process when I had a bunch of questions and always good at getting back to me. I can’t sing this girls praises enough. She made our day just perfect and stress free. Thank you Emily for everything! - Keagan 10/16/21

Hannah was absolutely amazing! She is so detailed, on point and took care of everything! If something happened, I never knew it! Hannah you rock! Highly recommend! Our daughter, the bride, was so happy with how Hannah listened, responded promptly and fulfilled every request! Thank you Hannah. - Mother of the Bride 11/6/21

Definitely use them to help you with your wedding coordinating! They are super reasonable and a huge help in making sure the day runs smoothly. Emma and her assistant setup the entire wedding and took everything down at the end of the night. Great overall experience!!1 - Leslie 9/24/21

I contacted The Best Day Details about one month before my wedding when I came to my senses and realized that there was just no way I could coordinate the day all on my own. They were fantastic. They were very accommodating to my needs for my wedding. Everything was so well planned out and they were very well prepared. My decorations looks amazing, the ceremony and reception went perfectly. I felt so much more at ease and was able to just relax and enjoy the day. I couldn’t recommend The Best Day enough, and if you feel like you don’t need at least a day-of coordinator, trust me you do! And you need The Best Day Details! -Andrea 1/14/22

Hiring The Best Day Details to coordinate our wedding was the BEST decision we made. Hannah was our coordinator and she was amazing! From our first meeting I felt so much stress lifted off my shoulders. She was so organized, helped us plan our timeline and she really became more like a friend by the end of everything. Our vendors loved working with Hannah and she made everything run so smoothly! I would 100% recommend Hannah and Best Day Details to every bride for their wedding day. Samantha 7/31/21

Elysia, has your best interest in mind! She does everything she can to help you and does her best to make your wedding stress free. Not only is she detailed, kind, and responsible but she is also extremely talented. She owns her own lettering business and did all my signs for my wedding. She also did some smaller crafty things for my wedding as well. If you want someone who is genuine in everything she does and does it to the fullest, this is your girl!! - Jackie

Emily was a dream to work with for both planning my wedding and on the big day. It’s something special when someone can give you a great sense of comfort in knowing everything is going to work out perfectly. I can’t say enough good things about The Best Day Details! Emily is a true professional, she was always many steps ahead of whatever was thrown our way, there to answer any questions and calm any nerves (mostly mine). I didn’t have to worry about anything on my wedding day and I was able to turn all my focus to my husband and loved ones. Making the decision to work with a day-of coordinator was 100% worth it, and I would recommend Emily and her team to anyone! - Rochelle 12/3/21

100% recommend. It was so nice to show up with everything done and to know that they would take care of anything that popped up. The progress meetings were helpful as well. They've seen lots of weddings and had ideas to make things flow easier and knew what works best with what vendors needs are. - Jen 6/19/21

One of the best decisions we made in planning our event, our coordinator took the initiative and helped us way beyond expectations. I would highly recommend The Best Day Details for their inclusive pricing, responsiveness, and attention to detail. - Mario 11/27/21

Working with The Best Day Details was such a great experience from start to finish. We worked with the owner and one of the coordinators and everyone was extremely helpful, honest, and truly cared about our day. They made it so seamless to work together and were helpful in guiding me with the million questions that I had. We had a completely DIY wedding and our coordinator and her assistant did an amazing job with everything. They really know what they are doing and are ready in case anything goes wrong. We had zero complaints and would hire them over and over and over again! Hire The Best Day Details. You will be so happy that you did!! - Leah 8/14/21

What an amazing experience we had with The Best Day Details! They had set up meetings prior to our wedding to help make our wedding dreams come true. Each meeting focused on different aspects of the wedding in order to make the day go as smooth as possible. They do not disappoint! They went above and beyond to make sure my day was stress free and enjoyable which is what I was looking for. There is nothing bad to say about their company or their coordinators. If you are considering hiring a day of coordinator, you should hire The Best Day Details! - Brittany 7/10/21

Hiring The Best Day Details was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding! The meetings leading up to the wedding were very helpful in keeping us on track with planning, but the best part was having our day of coordinator there to make sure everything ran smoothly. Would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a day of coordinator. - Riley 8/7/21 

I cannot say enough good things about Emily and her team! She was always so calm and completely made me feel at ease. She went above and beyond to make sure every detail on our big day was taken care of. I literally didn't have to think about anything on my wedding day except getting to marry my love and having a great time. 100% worth investing in Emily to work with us! - Nicole 9/10/21

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