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What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

We offer wedding coordination exclusively. This is our area of expertise and we do not offer wedding planning services. The difference between the two type of vendors is in the involvement before the wedding day. A planner will be with you every step of the way for help with design, budget, booking vendors... almost anything you need! A coordinator is a better fit for the couple who wants to plan their own wedding but knows they need someone to run the show and make everything happen on the wedding day. We do include some "planning" elements in our services such as timeline creation and thinking through the logistics of the day. But everything else is up to you to plan and we will be there to keep everything on time, ensure every task gets completed, manage your vendors, and handle any emergencies. If you want to know more about the difference between a planner and a coordinator, check out this blog post!

My venue includes a venue coordinator, do I still need a wedding coordinator?

Most likely! Keep reading to find out. Venues give their employees all sorts of titles - event manager, wedding planner, venue coordinator, wedding coordinator, etc. Typically, if they work for the venue they are not doing a lot of the jobs that we would usually cover. Most venue workers are there to make sure the lights/heat/ac are on, that the bathrooms are cleanly, and that vendors and guests can get access to the space. If there is an in-house caterer or bar service, they will likely be managing these teams as well. We THRIVE when venues have a good coordinator and we are so grateful for them. However, most often their jobs do not overlap ours. If you ask your venue coordinator if they are responsible for the list of tasks below and they say no to most of the jobs, then you still need to hire a wedding coordinator! Here are the questions to ask your venue coordinator.

- Will you be in control of my timeline moving both wedding party and guests around, updating the vendors on timeline pivots, and telling me where I need to be when?

- Will you set up and tear down all of my decor (that is not handled by other vendors) according to my needs and load it in my car at the end of the night? 

- Will you contact a vendor who is late/missing and/or do your best to fill in for that vendor or find a replacement?

- Will you go off-site to run emergency errands or do any day of pickups?

- Will you be there for my entire wedding day or do you work in a shift with another coordinator?

- Will you organize and cue the processional, reception entrances, dances, and all other formal events?

Great question! Check out this blog post to see !00 things your wedding coordinator can help with!

What have you helped with at past weddings?

We do not include any additional hours outside the wedding day and ceremony rehearsal. If you need assistance with the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, or farewell brunch, please speak with your coordinator.

Is there anything that would be an additional fee?

We can do anything you need us to do for your wedding day, but we cannot do everything. What you are paying for is two people's time for the entirety of your wedding day. If the tasks you are asking us to complete are reasonable due to the time allotted, we are happy to complete!

What services are not included?

Unlimited hours on the wedding day, complete set-up & tear down, one coordinator, one assistant, 3 meetings, a venue walk-through, rehearsal coordination, vendor confirmation, timeline creation, day-of errands, venue & caterer contract review, emergency kit, & unlimited email communication.

What Services are included?

Services FAQs

Our deposits are non-refundable after booking. However, the balance payment does not need to be made if you cancel. 

Is the deposit refundable?

We use Aisle Planner for our contracts and invoices. Typically there is a 50% deposit to hold your date and the balance is due by the wedding day. If you need the payments amounts split up, we are happy to accomodate!

How do I pay?

We add on travel fees to certain venues. We have coordinators based in Detroit, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. If your wedding is near one of those cities it is unlikely you will have travel fees.

Are there any travel fees?

We offer one package only that we consider "full service wedding coordination". You can see the full list of services included on our Pricing & Services page. Our current price is $2,200 ($2,300 for holiday weekends. An additional $200 fee for an off-site ceremony if our assistance is needed).

What is your pricing?

Investment FAQs

We welcome anyone else who you would like to participate. We encourage that you only include those you know will be supportive of you and your preferences.

Can I bring my friend/family member to the meeting?

Based on the meeting timeline (listed above) you may select the time that works best for you from your coordinator's calendar. Our coordinators have varying availability but all are required to have at least two weeknight options.

How do I schedule my meetings?

We do all meetings either over the phone or virtually through Google Meet video calls. Some coordinators have in person options. Just request a coordinator with an in person option if you prefer! 

Where are these meetings?

3 meetings are included in our coordination package. The first is a timeline meeting at 7 months out (or less). The second covers vendors, wedding party, and random details and is at 1-2 months out. The final details meeting covers decor and rehearsal/ceremony. Meetings typically take one hour on average.

How many meetings are included?

Meeting FAQs

This does occasionally happen. If a coordinator or their child is sick, or has a family emergency, we always have a team member on backup. We all organize our wedding information the same way so we can pick right up where the other coordinator left off. On the few occasions we had to make a last minute switch, it went very smoothly and the couple was still happy. If a coordinator has to cancel further out due to pregnancy or a friend/family wedding, you will get to pick from our remaining coordinators and/or be offered a refund and a full reccommendation list. 

What happens if my coordinator cannor be there?

Sorry, no. We assign assistants to each coordinator based on availability and those who will work best together. Assistants are college interns, people who enjoy working weddings on the side, or even friends or family members of our coordinators. 

Do I get to choose my assistant?

Yes! You may choose from any currently available member of our team. We have coordinators based in both East and West Michigan to help you avoid travel fees if possible. You can choose from who is available based on their bios or by doing a consultation with multiple coordinators. 

Do I get to choose my own coordinator?

Team FAQs

All coordinators complete one season with the company, they shadow client meetings and consultations, rehearsals, and of course wedding days to learn on the go!

What type of training is required for your coordinators?

Anywhere from 6-20 weddings are completed by each coordinator based on their other personal and work comittments.

How many wedding does each coordinator do per season?

Our coordinator's have varying experience in the industry. You can learn more about them from their bios or during your consultation. All of our coordinators have at least one season of experience on our team.

How much industry Experience does each coordinator have?

Experience FAQs

If there is a time you would like us to either attend a meeting with your venue, or just visit for a walk-through, we are happy to! You may schedule one of these as a part of your coordination package with us. This can be at any time during the process on a mutually agreed upon date and time. However, a venue walk-through is not needed as we have worked at most of the popular venues in the past and/or we do our homework communicating with the venue ahead of time to understand any special needs or different layouts for your wedding. So the venue walk-through is offered for you if you need it!

What is a venue walk-through?

Since you are the wedding planner and we are just coordinating, a majority of the vendor communication flows through you. Our role is to confirm with your vendors during the week of the wedding that they will be showing up and that they have the final timeline. Any updates or details should be communicated to your vendor ahead of time by you. 

What is Vendor Confirmation?

You will not receive many emails from us. Rather, you will see reminders to schedule meetings with us via your Aisle Planner checklist, and all helpful information for the process in the Notes tab. However, if you need us for anything, email at any time!

How does communication work? 

You will receive an invite to Aisle Planner along with a timeline questionnaire within 48 hours of booking. You now have unlimited email access to your coordinators and they will respond within 48 hours. You can get started on your wedding planning in Aisle Planner right away!

What can I expect if I book?

Our Process FAQs

We will send over a contract and invoice through Aisle Planner just in case you decide to book. We operate on a first come first serve basis with a deposit. 

What happens after the consultation?

We share a bit more in depth about our process and answer any questions you have. We want to make sure it is a good fit both ways!

What happens at the consultation?

Our team will get back to you within 24 hours letting you know which (if any) of our team members are available for your date. We will also provide you with your next step of a consultation.

What happens after I inquire?

Submit an inquiry here!

How do I find out who is available for my date?

Booking FAQs

Yes! We include rehearsal coordination. If your coordinator cannot be there due to their full-time job we will send their assistant or a different coordinator. 

Will someone be there for my rehearsal?

We have run sound for many ceremonies. We do not have equipment, so please make sure that a speaker and microphone with connections are provided by you or the venue. We are also happy to run playlists during the reception as well as do some light emceeing as needed. 


As long as the schedule allows and we have space in our vehicles, we can do whatever you need! This could include but is not limited to, floral, dessert, coffee, linens, rental items, your personal items on the day of the wedding.


We are here to assist with your wedding day in any way we can! However, it is important to keep in mind that we are only a team of 2 while a full service catering team would typically be 7-10 people. Some things we will have time to help with is clearing disposables and if the venue access time allows, setting tables. However, we will not have time to bus, wash, and re-rack glass dishes.


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