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What to expect from your wedding day coordinator

Inquiry & Booking

Reach out to see which one of our talented wedding day coordinators is available on your date. You can submit your inquiry here and get to know our coordinators here. Once you reach out, Emily will respond within 48 hours with pricing and services and letting you know which coordinator is available to work your wedding. If more than one coordinator is available, you can choose the best fit for you. Your inquiry response will have all your next steps including links to booking a consultation with our available coordinator. You may select a time that works best for you from our coordinators meeting calendars. This meeting may be over phone, video call, or in some cases in person. At the consultation you will get to ask all your questions, hear a little bit more about how we can help you, and get to know your potential coordinator. Once the meeting is over we will send a contract and an invoice to your email via Aisle Planner within 48 hours. If you decide not to book, please let us know. Otherwise, you can follow the prompts on the Aisle Planner contract to sign and pay the deposit. Please keep in mind we are happy to redo the invoice if you would like a payment plan implemented. All of our coordinators are first come first serve with a deposit as long as we believe you are a good fit for us as well. So once you sign and pay, your coordinator is locked in for your date! Please keep in mind that in the event of extenuating circumstances, another coordinator may have to take her place. This does not happen often but we like to be up front and honest about this! Once you sign and pay, you can expect a welcome email with next steps within 48 hours. Welcome to The Best Day Details fam!

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Meetings & Communication

Included in our services are 3 coordination meetings, plus a venue walk-through if we have not worked at your venue before. A huge value to you is the planning dashboard we use called Aisle Planner. Here is a video demo! This is an amazing program you can use to plan your whole wedding. You also get unlimited email communication! You are planning your own wedding, but we are happy to help with all the random questions that come up and anything you need a second opinion on. Be sure to email your coordinator directly and they will respond within 48 hours. You can also leave a comment in Aisle Planner. The 3 meetings typically take place at 7 months out from the wedding date (timeline meeting) 1-2 months out from the wedding date (wedding party, vendors & decor) and wedding week (final details meeting). However, we are happy to mix it up to suit your needs! Once you book, we will send over access instructions for your Aisle Planner account within 48 hours. This is where we will keep all the information that we need to know for your wedding.  If your coordinator has not worked at your venue before and you would like to do a venue walk-through, please suggest a variety of times and dates to your coordinator. 

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Vendor Confirmation

We are not responsible for all your vendor booking, communication, or wedding updates. This is more along the lines of what a wedding planner would handle. What we are responsible for is vendor week-of confirmation and day-of management. This means that the week of your wedding, we will contact all your vendors with a final timeline as well as any specific questions we have for them. From this point on, they will be in contact with us and (hopefully) not you. Then on the wedding day, we are managing your full vendor team and are the main contact for any and all of their questions and needs. 

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Rehearsal Coordination

Either your wedding coordinator or (in extenuating circumstances) their assistant, will be at your rehearsal to either run it or assist your officiant. We chat with your officiant ahead of time to find out how we can be most helpful. In most situations, we handle all directions for the processional, recessional and other logistics while your officiant will conduct that actual ceremony piece of the rehearsal. Most rehearsals take between 45-60 minutes. Please let us know when your rehearsal is as soon as possible so we can block the time off!

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The Wedding Day

On the wedding day we take care of anything you need to make sure your day runs exactly as planned. Some typical services include full set up and tear down, any day of errands or pick ups, timeline management, vendor management, cuing all events, and so much more. You can check out this list of 100 things you didn't know your wedding coordinator could handle to get some ideas. Basically what you are paying for is two people (coordinator and assistant) for unlimited hours on the wedding day. So anything that is feasible to accomplish in the amount of time provided by your venue, we can do it! 

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