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Why it Won’t Matter if We Haven’t Worked at Your Venue Before

July 27, 2022

So you are looking for a wedding coordinator and you think you’ve found the perfect one… but they haven’t worked at your venue before. My guess is that may have been pretty high up on your priority list. I totally understand why this qualification might make you feel more comfortable. But here is why it actually doesn’t matter!

We are trained to adapt

Ask anyone in the events world: thinking on your feet and being flexible are the two biggest job descriptions. Think of it this way… what if you loved to go to the gym, but you are out of town and have to visit a new one. All the same equipment is still there for the most part, but it is in different places, the check in process isn’t the same, and maybe the locker room has different amenities. But once you get there and do a quick evaluation of the space, you get your workout in and all is well. Or maybe you are the queen of Target. Does shopping at a store that isn’t in your hometown completely throw off your game? Absolutely not! It is the same with your wedding coordinator at a new venue.

We include a venue-walkthrough

We understand the importance of getting to check out your venue space ahead of time. Which is why we include a walkthrough in our services! You and your wedding coordinator will choose a time that you are both available to visit the space. The coordinator will ask some questions and get the lay of the land so we are fully prepared to roll our sleeves up and get to work on your wedding day.

A good personality fit matters more

When hiring a wedding coordinator, there are a lot of qualifications that are likely important to you. We believe number one should be finding a coordinator that is a good personality match for you so you can trust them completely on your wedding day and hand everything off without worrying about a thing. Your coordinator getting to know you so that she can make split-second decisions on your behalf, match your tone and vibe, and speak to your vendors as you would have is more important than anything else.

Have more questions about this?

I would love to chat! I have been training my team of coordinators and working in venues all over the state of Michigan since 2019 so I would love to address any questions or concerns you have.



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