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8 Conversation Starters for Couples

November 4, 2020

Communication is key. But sometimes you need a little help knowing what to ask. This week, I asked my sister, Kaylee Adamoschek, to share her favorite conversations starters with you. Enjoy!

-Emily DeRitter

No matter what stage you are at with your significant other, conversations are important. Try not to get too caught up with life that you stop the silly, creative and deep conversations.

Here are eight conversation starters for you to ask your significant other to continue to know them better.

1. Top three celebrity/movie crushes from your childhood? This is a slightly goofier question. Be forewarned that sometimes these crushes include cartoon characters. This question opens up an opportunity for you to learn more about a time in their life that maybe you weren’t able to be a part of. You may end up seeing some similar characteristics from that character that you have.

2. What is one of your favorite ways that I show love to you? Everyone is pretty aware of the different love languages, but there might be a wild card in all of this. Maybe your SO’s top two are gifts and works of service, but he feels most loved when you both are goofing around alone.

3. Favorite memory of parents/grandparents/guardians? These are the people that have invested time into your loved one or maybe weren’t around much.  These people affect who we are whether we like it or not. Approach this carefully, listen fully, and then ask follow up questions. Remember this is a conversation starter.

4. How do you recharge? When you start out dating you may only see each other here or there. Familiarize yourself with what your loved one does during their personal free time. This conversation in particular needs actions/respect added to it afterwards. If your SO tells you that they need time out alone with their friends, to be home and working outside, or even to just go for a run a few times a week to recharge. Whatever it is make sure you are supplying them with time and space to do their recharging.

5. How do you respond to sad or frustrating moments? Follow this question up with asking if there is something you could do during these moments to best support and comfort them. On the opposite end of this question, let your SO know how they can do the same for you. The hope in all of this is that you two become a powerhouse team together that even though life will take its twists and turns you two will stand firm together.

6. If you were in a movie where you could pick a song for your fight scene, (sword fight, boxing match, bar scrawl) what would it be? Disagreements happen in relationships, so this one will give you a slightly comical perspective behind fights. Maybe just maybe during your next disagreement remember that that same person is still the same silly person that told you that their fight song would be (insert ridiculous song title here).

7. What are the things you have done today that you would consider to be  satisfying/successful for you? We all tend to base off the importance of our lives with what we have accomplished. Although this may not be a great way of thinking, we need to be aware of how it motivates. Asking this will bring to light what your SO deems as success and what drives them. From there you can help yourself and your SO to meet these goals by encouraging, questioning, and supporting each other.

8. What is your favorite memory? Whether you have a good memory or need to look back at some photos to jog your memory, take time to reflect on the simpler times. Remind yourselves of what got you two crazy love birds here in the first place.

About Guest Blogger: Kaylee Adamoschek

Kaylee lives with her husband in upstate New York. She has a degree in Recreation and works for a non-profit running their children’s programs. She has a knack for making people feel included and is such an intentional person. I knew she was the perfect person to write this post because she is always seeking to know people better in creative ways. I am so thankful to my little sister for contributing this post!

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