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Engaged and House-Hunting

November 4, 2020

You’re engaged!! Congrats! I’m sure you’re starting to plan what venues to tour, the dress shops you’re looking to visit, the guest list, and dreaming about the special day you and your significant other get to share!

While you’re looking forward to all of that, maybe the idea of sharing a home has come to mind. If so, you’re in the right place! Buying your first home is so exciting, especially when it’s with the person you love! You can plan this out as well; the amount of bedrooms, a great entertaining space, maybe in the city near your favorite places or secluded in the countryside with a great front porch. There are so many things that go into buying your first home so I’ve created a list for you so you can be ready and informed when the time comes!

1. Save

Did you know that your down-payment and closing costs are not included in the loan? Make sure you’re saving up for those out of pocket expenses that come with buying a home!

Expect around 3-5% of the purchase price for closing costs.

Example: You want a $200,000 home. That’s an estimated $6,000- 9,000 in closing costs.

Calculate your potential expenses here!

2. Get familiar with the process

Know the steps and what you need to be aware of before buying your first home. I am more than happy to walk you through these!

Want to be at our next first time home buyers event? It’s free and offers a lot of beneficial information to prepare you for the process. Contact me for more information.
** Did you know using a buyer’s agent is FREE? Why not be represented? You deserve to have someone represent you and take care of you!

3. Get Pre Approved!

Ask me for some recommendations, take a look at a few lenders and ask them what they might be able to do for you. Then, choose the one that best fits your situation and is someone you trust!

Example: Some lenders offer special programs for government workers such as teachers, police officers, nurses etc.

4. Get on the same page

Make sure you’re having the conversation with each other to decide on your dealbreakers so the house hunting is easier and a little more fun!
Click here if you want a fun and quick worksheet for you and your significant other to see what you really want in a home.

5. Get the search started!

Ready to start? Let’s talk! Follow this link to get started on your own search. Since you accomplished step 4, this should be a breeze!

Ready to take the next step or find out what your next right step is? Using me as a buyer’s agent is completely FREE and I would love to sit and talk with you and your significant other!

You’ll have to fill me in on all the beautiful details of your relationship and the proposal because I am a sucker for hearing all the precious little details! I also love getting to know who I could potentially be working with to make sure I am offering you everything possible for your specific situation! Everyone, and every couple, is different! I want to cater to your needs and wants to give you the best experience possible.
If you have any questions about any of these goals/steps, reach out! I would love to chat. Here’s to a beautiful wedding, marriage and life together! Congrats!

About Guest Blogger: Aubree DeVisser

When I say I get really excited about your engagement/ relationship stories, I mean it. Most of the time, I’m the cryer. The one who gets all worked up when I hear my friends are about to spend the rest of their lives together! I think I have to blame that on my fiance, Joey. We’re high school sweethearts which makes me roll my eyes and swoon all at the same time. We’ve been together for about 7 years now and are talking about our wedding and special day and thinking about what that day will mean to us so what your day means to you brings in all the emotions I didn’t even know I had! Joey and I also have a 1 year-old Aussie named Atticus and he is our little “bubba”. Spoiled, crazy and ALWAYS keeping us busy! Joey sings to him while giving him a bath and I get to wake up to furry kisses and cuddles every morning. It’s a good life. I went to school for professional writing, marketing and public relations… I know, you’re probably wondering how I got here, sometimes I wonder too! I’m just glad I’m here. But that’s a story I can share when we meet. I absolutely love what I do and that I get to specialize in first time home buyers and small business owners. I love local small businesses and am determined to promote them with all of my heart. I was born and raised in West Michigan and I really can’t see myself anywhere else!

Website: https://www.aubreedevisser.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aubree.devisser

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aubree.devisser/

Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/aubree-devisser/emily-deritter-your-wedding-day

All photography thanks to Mista Marie Photography.

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